Sending notifications using the REACH Communications

Sending notifications using the REACH Communications

In these uncertain times we understand that it is important to keep your boarding community informed.

It is timely that we remind you that that the REACH Communications module allows you to send messages to your
boarding community as required,  to any or all of your contacts in your REACH database.

Send multiple message types to any combination of your contacts

  • You can send messages to any groups of contacts or individuals in your REACH database (Parents, Students, Staff, Hosts)
  • You can send notifications by Email, SMS, Push notification or by Internal message …… or in any combination of these methods of notification

Please see the link below for instructions on how to use REACH as a notifications engine for your communications with your boarding community.

How to send bulk notifications in REACH

Sticky Notes at student sign out help you manage you

Sticky Notes at student sign out help you manage you

Sticky Notes is a notification system that that allows you to create important reminder notes for students and/or staff.  They interrupt the sign out procedure to ensure that important notices are acknowledge by students or staff before they are permitted to sign out.

Important due diligence measures are made simple with Sticky Notes, ensuring that if there are important measures than need to be performed before a student departs you can be assured that they will be done.

It might be a medical condition where you need to enure that a student is carrying their medical device or it might be something else important that you need to ensure is done before sign out. Sticky Notes will prevent sign out until the note is acknowledged and it can be locked down to require staff acknowledgement if it is an important duty of care measure for your school.

You can create two types of Sticky notes for sign out in REACH.

1.  Perpetual Sticky Notes

Perpetual Sticky Notes are notes that wil appear every time a student goes to the SISO screen until the expiry date of the Sticky Note.

  • Perpetual Sticky Notes are created from your portal’s header bar.
  • Only staff with accessibility settings set for creating Sticky Notes can create Sticky Notes.
  • Set which student the sticky note is for.
  • Set the display rules for the Sticky Note. (SISO)

2.  Leave item Sticky Notes

Leave item Sticky Notes are created for a specific leave event only and they will display on the sign out to the specific leave event that it is created for.  Leave item Sticky Notes are created in the edit screen of the leave item.