Four great new features for Reach Medications Manager

Four great new features for Reach Medications Manager

Four (4) great new features in the Medications module that improve record keeping and knowledge sharing in the most popular and important extension module in Reach. The new featured pushed live on 29th Jan, 2022 are;

  • Location awareness in the scheduled medications table

  • Notes required for Paused medications

  • As Required medication frequency

  • Nil administered and Student refused states for medication records

Location awareness in scheduled medications

The scheduled medications table now shows a location icon which will fetch details of the current location of a student.

If students who have gone on leave without their medications being paused or if students have late medications in the scheduled medications table it is useful to be able to quickly reference if that student is on leave.

Notes required for Paused medication

An upgrade to the Pause function in scheduled prescription medications means that whenever a staff member is pausing a medication the reason for the pause will recorded. The pause submission will also create a pastoral record in the medical history of the student’s profile.

In addition, the Pause & Expire function is supported with a new security permission in Reach Accessibility settings. Schools can now control which users have permission to Pause or Expire a prescribed medication.

“As Required” Medication frequency

A new frequency is available for prescription medications that allow you to set a frequency to “As Required”. When set to As Required the handling of the prescription medications will change and behave more like an over the counter medication.

  • When selecting As Required you are not required to set a time for the frequency

  • As Required prescription medications will not display in the scheduled medications table of the daily dispensary screen

  • Administering As Required medications is similar to administering over the counter medications

  • Select the blue “Add as Required” medication button

  • Select the student name

  • In the student’s profile of you will see the list of any As Required prescription medications that the student has been allocated and any over the counter medications that the student is permitted to take.

Nil administered and Student refused states for records

We have improved how you record Nil quantities administered and situations when medications are refused by students by including a “successfully administered” state of medications being administered.

New field – Was the medication dispensed successfully?

A new field is added to the table when administering scheduled prescription medications that identifies is a medication was administered successfully.

The default state of this field is “Medication was dispensed successfully” and there is no change to the procedure for medications that are successfully administered.

For medications that are not administered by staff (ie: zero administered) or where students refuse to take the schedule medication a record can be submitted to reflect the accurate status of the scheduled medication.

Set the quantity to Zero and select the appropriate status from the drop down selector and write an appropriate note in the notes field to record the situation.

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Student Daily Timeline

Student Daily Timeline

Sometimes you just need to know, at the click of a button, what a student been doing for the past 24 hours or more.  That’s why we have the Student Daily Timeline.

The Student Daily Timeline will display a list of transactions or actions that a student has been involved in for any calendar day.  It is a summary timeline that provides a quick overview of the student’s day.

How to access the student timeline

The timeline can be accessed from any student’s profile in the Student Sidebar by selecting the Timeline Icon.

View any historic day

By default the timeline will open up on the current day however you can view any day in the history of any student in REACH by using the calendar field to change the day view.

What gets displayed?

The timeline will display the following transactions or events in REACH for each student.

  • Attendance/Rollcall/Register Items (includes all standard and live rolls)
  • Survey submissions from the basic forms module (eg: Covid Symptoms Survey)
  • Medications Administered
  • Event registrations
  • Lists & Form submissions
  • Pastoral records created for the student
  • Medical and Wellbeing records created for the student
  • Leave requests created, approved or rejected
  • SISO – All sign in and sign out transactions
  • Sticky Notes created for the student

Security & visiblility

Not all staff have permission to see all information in REACH so where this are visibility restrictions in place for staff roles or individuals the transaction information being displayed in the timeline will be restricted for these staff members.

COVID-19 Daily Symptoms Survey for student

COVID-19 Daily Symptoms Survey for student

Monitoring the physical symptoms of students and staff on a daily basis has become a common procedure for many schools, one of the many operational adjustments needed to ensure a Covid-safe environment for the school community.

Daily COVID-19 symptoms surveys are a critical safety procedure but demanding on management teams and staff to ensure surveys are completed and that any symptomatic participants are easily identified for separation and/or treatment.

To assist with this Reach Student Life Management has developed a purpose build Surveys module which allows schools to build a custom Covid-19 Daily Symptoms Survey questionnaire for students and staff which can easily screen your school population for symptoms of Coronavirus through self-assessment.

Mandatory self-analysis survey

The daily symptoms survey allows schools to present students (or parents) and staff with a mandatory self-analysis survey. Results obtained in the survey automatically update in real time to a People View dashboard. This dashboard displays your entire school population with their survey status identified. Colour coding of participant profiles in the People View dashboard highlights any at risk participants that respond in the survey as symptomatic.

Automated instructions and alerts

Participants that do identify as symptomatic in their self-analysis can be presented with instructions for any procedures that the school may require them to follow.  In addition, any positive results to symptoms by survey participants can trigger automatic alerts to medical staff or supervisors to highlight people of concern that may require isolating, further testing or other attention.

Edit and update profiles

When operating in the People View dashboard in Reach staff are able to open any individual’s profile to display their daily survey results. Staff are also able to record notes to any individual’s profile or to communicate directly with individual via email or text message from the People View screen. Historic survey records are stored for all users and historic reports can be generated for compliance or monitoring.

Daily Status Pass

Finally, when completing the daily survey participants are provided with a results card on their mobile device which can be used as a confirmation card or visual pass to confirm their daily status at entry or permission checkpoints.

The surveys module can be used as a stand alone module in Reach and is available for all schools. Reach Surveys can integrate with any school system to obtain the survey contacts database.

Location capacity monitor helps to manage physical

Location capacity monitor helps to manage physical

Physical distancing measures for monitoring and managing Covid-safe facilities means the rooms and locations have to be managed with capacity limits.

To assist with this REACH has introduced a new feature for location management called Location Capacity Monitor. This allows you to monitor the number of people at any location in real time and provide you with alerts which are triggered when your locations are reaching or have exceeded capacity.

Real time monitoring

When location capacities are set in REACH real time monitoring of populations at each location is automatic and displayed in your REACH portal as

  • A traffic light display in your header bar, and
  • A population count in the Kiosk location legend

Any location that has a maximum capacity set will then be monitored in real time in REACH automatically.

Kiosk count display

In the locations legend of your Kiosk screen a live count for the number of people at the location will be displayed. When a population warning trigger is activated this will display as a coloured icon beside the location name.

This is only visible when you are in the Kiosk view of your REACH portal and only locations that have a maximum capacity set will display a count.

Capacity traffic light indicator

The Capacity traffic light indicator is visible in the header bar of your REACH portal at all times regardless of the screen that you are using in REACH.

The traffic lights will display the number of locations that are


Sending notifications using the REACH Communications

Sending notifications using the REACH Communications

In these uncertain times we understand that it is important to keep your boarding community informed.

It is timely that we remind you that that the REACH Communications module allows you to send messages to your
boarding community as required,  to any or all of your contacts in your REACH database.

Send multiple message types to any combination of your contacts

  • You can send messages to any groups of contacts or individuals in your REACH database (Parents, Students, Staff, Hosts)
  • You can send notifications by Email, SMS, Push notification or by Internal message …… or in any combination of these methods of notification

Please see the link below for instructions on how to use REACH as a notifications engine for your communications with your boarding community.

How to send bulk notifications in REACH