Monitoring the physical symptoms of students and staff on a daily basis has become a common procedure for many schools, one of the many operational adjustments needed to ensure a Covid-safe environment for the school community.

Daily COVID-19 symptoms surveys are a critical safety procedure but demanding on management teams and staff to ensure surveys are completed and that any symptomatic participants are easily identified for separation and/or treatment.

To assist with this Reach Student Life Management has developed a purpose build Surveys module which allows schools to build a custom Covid-19 Daily Symptoms Survey questionnaire for students and staff which can easily screen your school population for symptoms of Coronavirus through self-assessment.

Mandatory self-analysis survey

The daily symptoms survey allows schools to present students (or parents) and staff with a mandatory self-analysis survey. Results obtained in the survey automatically update in real time to a People View dashboard. This dashboard displays your entire school population with their survey status identified. Colour coding of participant profiles in the People View dashboard highlights any at risk participants that respond in the survey as symptomatic.

Automated instructions and alerts

Participants that do identify as symptomatic in their self-analysis can be presented with instructions for any procedures that the school may require them to follow.  In addition, any positive results to symptoms by survey participants can trigger automatic alerts to medical staff or supervisors to highlight people of concern that may require isolating, further testing or other attention.

Edit and update profiles

When operating in the People View dashboard in Reach staff are able to open any individual’s profile to display their daily survey results. Staff are also able to record notes to any individual’s profile or to communicate directly with individual via email or text message from the People View screen. Historic survey records are stored for all users and historic reports can be generated for compliance or monitoring.

Daily Status Pass

Finally, when completing the daily survey participants are provided with a results card on their mobile device which can be used as a confirmation card or visual pass to confirm their daily status at entry or permission checkpoints.

The surveys module can be used as a stand alone module in Reach and is available for all schools. Reach Surveys can integrate with any school system to obtain the survey contacts database.