Sometimes you just need to know, at the click of a button, what a student been doing for the past 24 hours or more.  That’s why we have the Student Daily Timeline.

The Student Daily Timeline will display a list of transactions or actions that a student has been involved in for any calendar day.  It is a summary timeline that provides a quick overview of the student’s day.

How to access the student timeline

The timeline can be accessed from any student’s profile in the Student Sidebar by selecting the Timeline Icon.

View any historic day

By default the timeline will open up on the current day however you can view any day in the history of any student in REACH by using the calendar field to change the day view.

What gets displayed?

The timeline will display the following transactions or events in REACH for each student.

  • Attendance/Rollcall/Register Items (includes all standard and live rolls)
  • Survey submissions from the basic forms module (eg: Covid Symptoms Survey)
  • Medications Administered
  • Event registrations
  • Lists & Form submissions
  • Pastoral records created for the student
  • Medical and Wellbeing records created for the student
  • Leave requests created, approved or rejected
  • SISO – All sign in and sign out transactions
  • Sticky Notes created for the student

Security & visiblility

Not all staff have permission to see all information in REACH so where this are visibility restrictions in place for staff roles or individuals the transaction information being displayed in the timeline will be restricted for these staff members.